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More proof the white iPhone 4 is on the way?

Company's updated Apple Store app for the iPhone reveals ability to reserve white iPhone 4--a function taken down quickly after its discovery.

Is the white iPhone 4 on its way?
Is the white iPhone 4 on its way?
James Martin/CNET

An update to the Apple Store iPhone application has given further hints that the white iPhone 4 might not be far off.

This morning, the application's new "Reserve Products" feature offered users the option to reserve the 16GB and the 32GB white iPhone 4 for in-store pickup. However, when users clicked on the option, they weren't actually able to reserve the smartphone.

Soon after the option was discovered, Apple removed it and placed a "not available to reserve" label on each white iPhone 4 listing.

It's unknown whether the option to reserve the white iPhone 4 was a glitch or something that the company plans to offer soon, but mistakenly made available today. But it was notable nonetheless, considering the online Apple Store still lists the white iPhone 4 as "unavailable for order or in-store pickup."

The white iPhone 4 is one of Apple's most anticipated products. When the black iPhone 4 went on sale in June, Apple said the white version would be made available in July. The company then pushed the white iPhone's launch back to "later this year" due to "challenges" it was facing with manufacturing. Since then, speculation has been running rampant on when the device will finally be made available.

That speculation only increased earlier this month when U.K. tech blog Pocket-lint reported that it had witnessed a man at a recent press event using the white iPhone 4. That person told Pocket-lint that an Apple employee "fixed him up" with the device. He also told Pocket-lint that Apple headquarters is "swimming with white iPhones."

Apple did not immediately respond to request for comment on when it plans to make the white iPhone 4 available, and whether its app update indicates the impending release of the device.

(Via Engadget)