White iPhone 4 exists, but you still can't have one

Months after it was supposed to hit stores, the white iPhone 4 remains a mystery. So why was one spotted in New York this week by a tech blogger?

Erica Ogg Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Erica Ogg
Pocket-lint UK spotted a very rare white iPhone 4 in New York this week.
Pocket-lint UK spotted a very rare white iPhone 4 in New York this week. Pocket-lint UK

The white iPhone 4 may not be available in stores, but apparently they're stacked up in boxes at Apple's headquarters.

At least that's what a random New Yorker spotted with one this week said. U.K.-based tech blog Pocket-lint noticed and photographed a man using the much-delayed white version of the iPhone 4 at a press event this week.

When pressed for details, the man (who apparently didn't want to be identified) said a friend of his who works at Apple in Cupertino, Calif., "fixed him up" with one of the white iPhone 4s sitting around the office, according to Pocket-lint.

So why aren't they in stores yet? Apple had said from the first day the iPhone 4 went on sale in June that the white version would be delayed a few weeks. A few weeks then turned into "later this year," citing manufacturing "challenges." The specifics of the problem were--not surprisingly--left unexplained.

But according to the guy who has one, the issue is related to the paint. He told Pocket-lint that Apple said the company that is manufacturing the phone can't get the white home button to match the exact shade of the white faceplate of the phone.

Until they figure that out, it looks like you can buy the iPhone 4 in any color you want, as long as it's black.