The HiMirror Mini told me I have dark circles under my eyes

The HiMirror Mini, shown here at CES 2018, not only analyzes your face, but it can show you news stories, weather and makeup tutorials on its screen.

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You take a selfie with the HiMirror Mini's built-in camera, and it will analyze various aspects of your skin.

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Mirrors that talk back to you aren't just for fairy tales. The HiMirror Mini is an internet-connected smart mirror that includes Alexa, Amazon's voice-activated digital assistant. 

The mirror, which will be on display this week at the CES tech show here in Las Vegas, also uses its built-in camera to analyze your skin, track any skincare goals you have, and record the results of the products you use. The HiMirror will be available in early summer 2018, its maker said.

HiMirror popped up at CES last year with a larger version of its smart mirror. This year's version is 13.3 by 9 inches (338 by 229 mm). Like its predecessor, it also includes LCD lights along each side that you can adjust to match whatever lighting condition you want to mimic, like stark office fluorescents or warm natural light. 

I let the HiMirror Mini take a look at me during a product exhibition during CES. After it took my picture, it came back with percentages measuring dark circles, red spots, dark spots, pores, wrinkles, fine lines and roughness. According to HiMirror Mini, I need more sleep and a better under-eye concealer: I scored a 24.5 percent for dark circles (the higher the percentage, the worse for that particular feature). 

But both models are more similar to tablets than mirrors. On the HiMirrors' faces, you can pull up an "entertainment center" that features news stories, weather forecasts, makeup tutorials and music. And you can scan the barcodes of your skincare products to keep track of your supply and set up reminders for when it's time to throw something out.

The inclusion of a voice-activated assistant is a natural fit for a smart mirror. You can ask for what you need, be it the time or weather, without having to put down your makeup brushes or stop washing your face. And it's a smart move for Amazon, too -- the inclusion of Alexa inside the HiMirror makes it easier to reorder beauty products from the online retailer. 

HiMirror isn't the only company that's taken on the smart mirror. Kohler will add a built-in Alexa speaker to the bottom of the newest version of its Verdera lighted bathroom mirror.

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