LifeDoor listens for smoke alarms and shuts your bedroom door

This startup displayed the fire safety device at CES, which uses a ratcheting spring to close a door in case of fire.

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LifeDoor attaches to an interior door hinge to close your bedroom door in case of  a fire emergency. 

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Firefighting research done by the Underwriters Laboratories Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) points to closing a bedroom door as a key way to buy time in a fire emergency. The project even has its own website, that wants to make "close your door" the new "stop, drop and roll", and startup LifeDoor thinks they have the answer.  

LifeDoor is a square, white device that connects to your bedroom door hinge and attaches to the door with double-sided tape. The device uses a spring that ratchets the first time you open the door, loading it and preparing it to close in case of emergency. When the device detects the sound frequency of smoke alarm, the spring releases and closes your door. 

LifeDoor is powered by a 9V battery and includes an light ring for visual alerts. LifeDoor plans to use Z-Wave to enable notifications to your mobile device. LifeDoor is still in the refining stages, and currently working on UL certification. 

LifeDoor isn't available yet, but if it does come to market these door closing sensors will cost $120 each. This isn't the first time we've seen tech that listens for smoke alarms. Sensors like the Leeo Smart Alert and Kidde RemoteLync Monitor can notify you when a smoke alarm goes off. For more on that, check out our smart smoke detector buying guide.  

The LifeDoor team is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring the product to market this year. 

Stay tuned as we cover everything your smart home needs to be safe. 

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