LG says its washer and dryer can hold a king-size comforter plus bedding

New TwinWash laundry appliances are here -- and they're bigger than before.

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LG Electronics TWINWash Lifestyle
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LG Electronics TWINWash Lifestyle

LG has a new TwinWash washer and dryer.


LG has a new TwinWash washing machine and dryer. 

Like previous TwinWash machines, this washing machine comes with a second, smaller-capacity washer tucked away in its laundry pedestal called a SideKick. The idea is that you'd wash your bulkier things in the main front-load washer. You smaller, more delicate items go in the smaller washer below.

The companion dryer features an inverter heat pump. LG says the heat pump system will help save energy since it relies on a lower drying temperature. 

LG's TwinWash washer and dryer are also SmartThinQ-enabled and work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. That means you should be able to turn your laundry appliances on and off (and more) with a voice command, as well as via the app. 

The TwinWash washer and dryer will be available in a "black steel" finish, but LG hasn't yet announced pricing information or when the appliances will hit stores. 

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