Latch and UPS extend automated delivery pilot for apartments

Apartment dwellers, rejoice. You won't be left out of the automated delivery craze.

Molly Price Former Editor
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Latch and UPS are extending their partnership to automate deliveries in apartment buildings. 


If you've ever been frustrated by apartment building package delivery, Latch and UPS want to ease your troubles. Latch, a smart lock maker focused on multifamily building access, is extending its partnership with UPS to automate package delivery for apartment buildings. 

Latch's venture into automated delivery for apartment buildings began last year, and we've seen it grow along with other in-home automated delivery services like August Access and Amazon Key. The current pilot phase began with trial runs in Manhattan in March and is expanding into Brooklyn, with the two companies eyeing other cities for future trials.

The Latch and UPS program is specifically designed for deliveries to apartment buildings. It isn't intended for single-family homes. Latch locks allow UPS drivers to enter an apartment building and deliver the package to a safe location inside like the lobby, at the front desk or in a package room. 

The delivery driver receives a unique credential on the handheld devices UPS drivers use, called a UPS DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device). The credential is restricted to a specific building and each time a building is accessed, Latch records the credential including the delivery driver's identity as well as time and date of access. While residents can use their smartphones  and Latch mobile app to unlock doors throughout the building, UPS is using the Latch system only to enter the building itself and cannot enter any individual apartments. 


The Latch R Series smart lock is designed for apartment building access. 


The program is powered by locks like Latch's R Series smart lock, designed for main entrances. It includes a wide-angle camera to record people entering the building. 

Building residents and their guests can access the building using the Latch app on a smartphone, NFC card or door code. The Latch app manages guest access, but to make any adjustments to a scheduled UPS delivery, residents will still need to use the UPS My Choice app or website.  

If you're interested in automated Latch and UPS deliveries to your building, you can submit your building's information and express interest via a contact form on Latch's website

Of course, if you're uncomfortable with granting access to your building or your home, UPS customers can use a UPS Access Point location, like a neighborhood grocery store or UPS Store, to receive packages. 

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