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Is something burning? GE ovens will work with Nest Protect smoke detector

The new partnership between GE Appliances and Nest Labs means that your Wi-Fi-enabled oven will turn itself off if the Nest Protect detects smoke.

The Nest Protect smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector will work with GE's Wi-Fi-connected ovens to better detect kitchen fires and keep your home safe, GE Appliances announced today ahead of this week's CES in Las Vegas. People who have both a Nest Protect and a GE Wi-Fi oven can enable the integration today.

Wi-Fi-connected ovens like this one from GE will work with the Nest Protect.

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This partnership is the first Nest Labs/oven collaboration that hands over control to your oven rather than to you. Here's how it works: Let's say you put a roast in you GE connected oven and step out of the kitchen. You get caught up in a "Law & Order" marathon in your living room, and your roast begins to burn. If your Nest Protect detects the smoke, it will send a signal to the oven, and the oven will turn itself off. You'll also get a push notification from the GE Kitchen app to let you know that the oven is now off.

Nest Labs has cozied up with other ovens for integrations that help keep your kitchen safe and comfortable. At last year's CES, Whirlpool announced that its series of app-connected ranges would work with the Nest Learning Thermostat to send you an alert if your oven is on, but your Nest thermostat is set to "away." Jenn-Air, a high-end appliance manufacturer Whirlpool owns, has a line of connected wall ovens that let you make it a rule for your Nest to adjust the temperature of your home when the oven reaches a certain temperature.