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Myteepi watches over your home, even without power or Wi-Fi

The neat-looking gadget houses sensors to track motion, temperature and humidity in your home, and can run off of two AA batteries for up to eight months.

The Myteepi Woody, from Ingenious Things.
Ingenious Things

Filling your smart home with sensors capable of collecting environmental data makes plenty of sense, and the Myteepi Woody, a sensor-packed gadget from French startup Ingenious Things wants the job. Formed from wood and shaped like the triangular lean-to implied by the name, the Woody offers all-in-one monitoring for temperature, humidity and motion, and it'll keep an ear out for the sound of alarms, too. 

Its makers at Ingenious Things tell us it'll launch in Europe and the United States following a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months. At retail, it'll sell for €199, with US pricing yet to be finalized (that European price tag comes out to about $240, £175 or AU$305, converted roughly).

Ingenious Things hangs much of the Woody's appeal on the fact that it'll keep working even if your Wi-Fi goes out. That's because Myteepi devices communicate using the SigFox low-power radio network, which sends alerts to your phone via the Myteepi app or via text message no matter where you are.

Ingenious Things is also introducing the smaller-sized Myteepi Square. It has all of the same features as the Woody at a lower cost, but it runs on battery power only.

Ingenious Things

Myteepi devices don't require a power cable, either -- each one can run off of a pair of AA batteries for up to eight months. The Woody will automatically switch over from AC to battery power if the power in your home ever goes out, and in a nice touch, will send you an alert letting you know when that happens.

In addition to the Woody, Ingenious Things will offer the smaller-sized Myteepi Square for €99 (about $120, £90 or AU$151, again, converted roughly). It features all of the same sensors as the Woody in a simpler design, but unlike the Woody, it only runs off of battery power.

There's no word on potential platform integrations for Myteepi, but we'll keep an ear out as the devices get closer to launching. When we know more, so will you.

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