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Ikea to Launch New Smart Home Hub and App in October

The hub will meet the Matter standard, connecting smart home devices from multiple brands.

A small white pod, Ikea's Dirigera hub, sits on a stack of books
Ikea's Dirigera will work with a new-and-improved Ikea Home app.

Ikea is launching a new hub for smart home products, along with an improved app to connect and control them, the Swedish home furnishing company said on Wednesday. The hub and app are set to launch in October.

The hub, called Dirigera, is designed in accordance with the Matter smart home standard. Currently in development by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, Matter will enable devices from brands like Google, Apple, Samsung and Amazon to work together. Like Ikea's new hub, Matter is slated for a launch in the fall.

Ikea is positioning the Dirigera as an improvement on its Trådfri gateway hub.

"Thanks to the user feedback we've received since launching the TRÅDFRI gateway in 2014, we can continue to merge technology with simplicity and accessibility and bring our home furnishing expertise into the future," Ikea business leader Rebecca Töreman said in a release. 

The company is also releasing a new version of its Ikea Home app. Ikea said the hub and app will work in tandem to make it easier to connect new devices to a smart home system.