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Honeywell teams up with Whirlpool to make your home smarter

Honeywell thermostats will soon work with dozens of Whirlpool appliances.

Honeywell's smart thermostats will soon work with certain Whirlpool appliances. 
Chris Monroe/CNET

Whirlpool today announced a partnership with thermostat maker Honeywell. Honeywell's line of smart thermostats will be integrated into a select number of smart Whirlpool appliances in 2018. In the official press release, Whirlpool said this integration would eventually reach over two dozen appliances.

Whirlpool already offers a lineup of smart appliances, along with a related app and other smart functionality. Its Smart Cabrio washer already works with Nest's thermostats to track home and away status. For instance, if your Nest thermostat senses that you're away from home, your washer is supposed to kick into a slower, energy-saving mode. 

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The integration with Honeywell should work similarly. If a Honeywell thermostat detects that you're not home, a paired Whirlpool appliance should also switch over to an away mode. Whirlpool also said its compatible appliances could delay cycles until your Honeywell thermostat detects that you're home. 

I'm not sure why I'd want my dishwasher to wait for me to be home to complete a cycle, but we'll try to track down some of these products at CES to learn more about how they work -- and why we'd want these integrations. 

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