Google shows off 20 Assistant tricks on the company's anniversary

You're not limited to typing in a search box like you were 20 years ago.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

The Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Home Max. 

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As Google celebrates 20 years of the company's eponymous search engine, a Wednesday blog post emphasized 20 ways you can use Google with your voice. 

Google's competitor to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa Google Assistant has become a well-rounded digital helper with plenty of features since it launched in the fall of 2016. The blog post goes over ways you can use Assistant at home, on the road and for fun with some games.

None of the tricks in the blog post are new, but it covers some cool recent additions to Assistant's big bag of tricks. You can ask for cooking directions and see every step on your Lenovo Smart Display or your JBL Link View . You can see the feed from your Nest Hello on your doorbell or broadcast a message to your smart speakers when you're on your way home. You can also ask your Google Assistant to tell you good news or send a text to your friend.

Here's hoping that list grows at Google's upcoming Pixel event in October

Google Assistant 101: Get to know Google's voice-activated helper

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