Now you can link your phone number to Google Home

Make and take calls through your home speaker like the multitasking domestic champ you always wanted to be.

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Ring ring, ring ring...

Hear that? It's the sound of someone calling you, but you no longer need to reach for your handset to pick it up.

Google will now allow you to link your home phone number to your Google Home so you can take and make calls through the countertop smart home hub, the company announced at a product launch event on Wednesday.

It's not clear yet how Google Home will handle multiple phone numbers, but we'd like to hope multi-user support will become available at some point, even if it's not immediately. 

The San Francisco event was a big day for Google Home, as the company announced a smaller Google Home Mini and said Google Home would be coming to Japan. The biggest of the Google Home announcements, in terms of literal size, was the unveiling of the Google Home Max, which the tech giant wants to serve as a replacement for your home stereo system.

Hands-free calling though Google Home has been available for a while in the US -- a feature it announced on Wednesday would also be coming to the UK for the first time. But until now it has not shown your phone number when you've been calling someone -- instead it would show "Unknown" or "No Caller ID" on your call-recipient's phone by routing your call through a Google Voice number.

Linking your phone number to your Google Home will therefore make it a much more effective replacement for your actual phone.

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