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Google Assistant learns how to speak Australian

Your Google Home can now speak with a British or Australian accent.


Your Google Home smart speakers can now talk with an accent. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

The two latest voices for Google Assistant will sound a bit different than the rest.

Google offers a handful of voice options for its digital assistant that's built into smart speakers like Google Home and Android phones such as the Google Pixel. Starting Thursday, your options include a voice with a British accent and one with an Australian accent.

The change is specific to English speakers in the US. Local accents were already available for Google Home in other countries. The Australian accent held up fairly well to local scrutiny in our CNET Australia review of Google Home.

Bringing the accents stateside might be simply a fun novelty, but it could add extra color to your assistance or remind you of home if you moved here from afar. The accents will respond to all of the usual Google Assistant voice commands, so you can ask for directions, control your smart home, check your calendar and more. 

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