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Scoot over, Siri. Google Assistant comes to iPhone

Google's virtual helper is now available on iOS, Google announces Wednesday.

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Your move, Siri.

Google Assistant is now available for iPhones, the company confirmed Wednesday. Scott Huffman, VP of engineering for Assistant, announced the plans at the Google I/O conference keynote address near the company's global headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Assistant is the digital, voice-activated AI that rivals Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. Google Assistant had previously only been available on Android phones and through the Google Home smart speaker.

Rumors made the rounds this week that Google Assistant would arrive on iOS. We'd previously reported the Google Assistant app for iPhone and iPad will sport a chat interface -- like the one found on Google Allo -- as well as voice commands.

Huffman also announced that Google will make new languages available soon on Assistant: French, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese. Google will later add Italian, Spanish and Korean.