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Get a Wi-Fi smart switch 4-pack for just $32

Gosund's single-pole switches are Alexa- and Google Assistant-compatible and can be remotely controlled by app.

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Smart home tech has become so common that it's hardly cutting-edge anymore. Most people, I dare say, have built some sort of Internet of Things in their home -- whether it's just an Amazon Echo or a more sophisticated system that includes a smart alarm, a doorbell or lights. For my money, smart lights make the biggest difference. Nothing beats having lights you can control by voice, remotely with an app or even schedule to come on at certain times of day. Right now you can convert some light fixtures to smart lights on a budget: Get a four-pack of Gosund Smart Light Switches for $32 when you use code 35GOSUND, which is 40% off the regular price of $55.

These are standard single pole on/off switches. That means you can't use them for fixtures that are controlled from two different switches, nor can they be used as a dimmer switch. But if you don't need those capabilities, this is a great price -- it's the lowest I've ever seen for this Gosund switch and beats the best price on most other smart switches as well.

Installation and setup is simple; the switches are Wi-Fi controlled, so there's no smart hub required. Just use the Gosund app to connect them to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and they're ready to go. You can control them with both Alexa and Google Assistant, and the app has a scheduler and timer mode for automating operation.

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