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Fibaro's Z-Wave Wall Plug monitors your energy consumption

Fibaro showcased a smart plug at CES 2018 that can shut off your devices if they use too much power or flash a warning.

Fibaro's Wall Plug monitors your energy consumption and can warn you by changing color and flashing its light. 

Fibaro's newest smart plug, on show here at CES, is the Wall Plug, a smart outlet with Z-Wave technology for monitoring and managing devices. The Wall Plug comes in two versions: a standard plug or a plug with a USB port. 

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Connect the Wall Plug to a standard power outlet and your Z-Wave network for energy monitoring. An LED ring around the plug displays different colors as energy consumption changes. If the amount of power being drawn increases the device's temperature, a purple warning light will flash. 

When connected to Fibaro's Home Center hubs, you can identify which devices are using the most power, set power limits and specify when a device should be shut down should it use too much power. Email and SMS alerts are also available.

You can insert the Wall Plug into any standard outlet and push a button to connect it to a Z-Wave network. Once a device is connected, an LED ring provides a visual cue of the device's current power load, changing color according to the amount of power being drawn. If the device temperature increases, a purple warning light flashes. The Wall Plug includes a soft glow setting so you can use it as a night light.

Fibaro's Wall Plug with USB will be available in the US early in 2018 for $60 (that converts to roughly £45 or AU$75), followed by a non-USB version for $50 (about £35 or AU$65).

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