Ezviz promises new 'affordable' security systems in 2016

The Ezviz team plans to debut two new indoor/outdoor security camera kits at CES 2016.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
2 min read
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Ezviz, the team behind the $70 "Mini" security camera I reviewed earlier this month, is back with two new security systems slated to debut at CES 2016 in January.

Here's what we know so far: Both systems will feature 1080p live-streaming cameras designed to stand up to indoor and outdoor use a la Netgear's Arlo cameras. They are also supposed to offer live streaming, video playback and night vision with a "100-foot range," a lot more than your standard 30 feet -- and they are supposed to be affordable.

Press releases regularly toss out words like "affordable," but Ezviz is a budget-minded brand. At just $70, the Ezviz Mini, a live-streaming, high-def camera complete with night vision, motion-related alerts and local as well as cloud storage, really is a bargain. A sub-$100 HD camera is essentially unheard of when you look at the pricing landscape for standalone DIY models today; most cost at least $150, if not $200 or more.

In fact, of the 30-plus standalone security cameras we've tested, only two -- the $100 Guardzilla and the $70 Ezviz Mini -- are at or below 100 bucks. Belkin's $130 NetCam HD Plus, the $150 ArcSoft's Simplicam, the $150 Homeboy, the $190 Samsung SmartCam HD Pro and the newer $190 Samsung SmartCam HD Plus are less than $200 and nearly everything else is at or over the $200 mark.

But, these new cameras from Ezviz aren't designed for standalone use. Instead, they are part of larger kits, ranging from a $350 four-camera coaxial-wired system ($87.50 per camera) to a $1,500 eight-camera Wi-Fi system ($187.50 per camera) and are geared toward folks looking for more robust DIY security surveillance. The Netgear Arlo is the only multi-camera indoor/outdoor kit we've reviewed so far, but its two-camera pack will set you back $330, roughly the same price as the upcoming $350 four-camera kit from Ezviz.

We'll add more details on the new Ezviz security systems as soon as we know more, including hands-on photos and video when we attend CES in January.