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Ezviz promises new 'affordable' security systems in 2016

The Ezviz team plans to debut two new indoor/outdoor security camera kits at CES 2016.


This story is part of CES 2016. Our editors bring you complete CES 2016 coverage and scour the showroom floor for the hottest new tech gadgets around.

Ezviz, the team behind the $70 "Mini" security camera I reviewed earlier this month, is back with two new security systems slated to debut at CES 2016 in January.

Here's what we know so far: Both systems will feature 1080p live-streaming cameras designed to stand up to indoor and outdoor use a la Netgear's Arlo cameras. They are also supposed to offer live streaming, video playback and night vision with a "100-foot range," a lot more than your standard 30 feet -- and they are supposed to be affordable.

Press releases regularly toss out words like "affordable," but Ezviz is a budget-minded brand. At just $70, the Ezviz Mini, a live-streaming, high-def camera complete with night vision, motion-related alerts and local as well as cloud storage, really is a bargain. A sub-$100 HD camera is essentially unheard of when you look at the pricing landscape for standalone DIY models today; most cost at least $150, if not $200 or more.

In fact, of the 30-plus standalone security cameras we've tested, only two -- the $100 Guardzilla and the $70 Ezviz Mini -- are at or below 100 bucks. Belkin's $130 NetCam HD Plus, the $150 ArcSoft's Simplicam, the $150 Homeboy, the $190 Samsung SmartCam HD Pro and the newer $190 Samsung SmartCam HD Plus are less than $200 and nearly everything else is at or over the $200 mark.

But, these new cameras from Ezviz aren't designed for standalone use. Instead, they are part of larger kits, ranging from a $350 four-camera coaxial-wired system ($87.50 per camera) to a $1,500 eight-camera Wi-Fi system ($187.50 per camera) and are geared toward folks looking for more robust DIY security surveillance. The Netgear Arlo is the only multi-camera indoor/outdoor kit we've reviewed so far, but its two-camera pack will set you back $330, roughly the same price as the upcoming $350 four-camera kit from Ezviz.

We'll add more details on the new Ezviz security systems as soon as we know more, including hands-on photos and video when we attend CES in January.