Currant brings in-wall smart outlet to CES 2019

The startup is debuting a smart in-wall outlet that works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Molly Price Former Editor
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Currant brought its newest product, the Currant Smart Wall Outlet, to CES . The outlet analyzes power usage and recommends which devices to automatically power off in order to save electricity. 

The outlet is available in a 15-amp version for residential use and a 20-amp model for the commercial market. Both models are controlled through the Currant app for iOS or Android or with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

In addition to monitoring your energy use, you can also lock the outlet so it can only be turned on or off through the app. The idea is to keep children from using appliances that could be dangerous, or to limit time on devices like game consoles. 

The outlet analyzes real-time electricity usage and displays graphs that break down consumption and cost by hour, day, month or year. Alerts will notify you when the on and off rules are in effect and when devices are using a certain level of power. 

Designed to replace your standard in-wall outlet, the Currant Smart Wall Outlet has duplex, tamper-resistant receptacles that can be easily installed in homes or businesses. 

Currant Outlets use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for setup and can pair with other Currant Smart Wall Outlets by creating a Bluetooth mesh network in the absence of Wi-Fi. 

The Currant Smart Wall Outlet will be available in the US in early 2019. Pricing information is not yet available. 

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