CNET Asks: Are you a fan of the new Amazon Smart Home devices?

Smart microwave? Smart wall clock? Amazon just released a bunch of new smart devices. Some you never knew you needed.

Nicolas Towner
2 min read
Emmanuel Dunand / AFP/Getty Images

Now that the dust has settled from last week's Amazon event where it announced a plethora of new devices, reaffirming its commitment to be a beacon in the smart-home industry, it's time to reexamine our feelings toward it. Smart-home devices have many uses and capabilities, and at their essence are designed to make the modern life easier and more convenient. While smart homes and smart devices in general are growing in popularity, there are still those who have their doubts. Now with these new releases, will this doubt grow as well?

Amazon's new smart technology is mostly what you'd expect from a technology giant such as they are, however, a few of its new releases are devices we never knew we needed. 

Amazon's new smart microwave, named AmazonBasics Microwave, allows you to use voice commands to control the oven when it is connected to a smart speaker, and it will even automatically reorder food from Amazon when you're running low (for now, it's limited to popcorn). Amazon's Echo Wall Clock is its attempt at remaking the analog clock with smart technology, so it is no longer a forgotten item hanging on your wall. The Echo Auto device allows you to get real-time directions via voice command, as well as control your smart devices at home, all from your car. For good or bad, now you can take Alexa wherever you go. 

You may be asking yourself, do I really need a smart microwave? A smart clock? Do I need to have Alexa with me at all times, even when driving? Or you may think these upgrades can help with your busy life. Whether you think these upgrades are awesome, or just Amazon's attempt at reinventing the wheel, they are angling to be a fixture in the smart home game. Take a look at our poll below and let us know how you feel! 

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