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Amazon Echo Dot, Basics Microwave, Echo Sub: Everything Amazon just announced

A redesigned Echo Dot, a smart microwave and a subwoofer are just some of the new things Amazon unveiled at its September event.

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At Amazon's Thursday event in Seattle, we saw a new Echo Dot, an input device to turn your dumb speakers smart and an Alexa-enabled microwave for just $60. But that's just the beginning -- scroll down for a running list of everything Amazon announced.

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  • Amazon Echo Dot (redesigned): It's still $50 (£50, AU$79), but it has a refreshed mesh design. Preorders begin today. 
  • Amazon Echo Input: Connect the new Echo Input to a dumb speaker to make it smart. The Input costs $35 (£35). Australian pricing is not yet available. 
  • Amazon Echo Sub: Amazon unveils a $130 (£120, AU$199) subwoofer to improve audio, including capabilities for stereo pairing.
  • Echo Link Amp and Echo Link: The $300 Amp gives you a built-in amplifier, and the $200 Link gives you control over your current AV receiver. UK and Australian pricing are not yet available.
  • Amazon Echo Plus (redesigned): The new $150 Echo Plus (£140, AU$229) adds a temperature sensor and a new fabric design, similar to the new Echo Dot. 
  • Amazon Smart Plug: Amazon introduced its first smart plug for $25 (£25). It's available for preorder today, and starts shipping in October. Australian pricing is not yet available.
  • AmazonBasics Microwave: The $60 Basics Microwave is Alexa-enabled (but doesn't have a built-in Alexa speaker) with integrated Dash replenishment. UK and Australian availability are TBA.
  • Amazon Echo Wall Clock: A $30 wall clock is coming soon too, and it works with Alexa speakers. No UK or Australian details yet.
  • Ring Stick Up Cam: Ring's all-new Stick Up Cam costs $180 and are available for preorder now. The Stick Up Cam Wired will ship starting Oct. 18 and the Battery version will ship in December. UK and Australian availability is TBA.
  • Amazon Echo Show (redesigned): There's a new Echo Show too. You can preorder it today and it ships in October. The price stays put at $230 (£220, AU$349), but it has an improved design. 
  • Amazon Fire TV Recast: The Fire TV Recast separates recording and viewing so you can choose where you put your antenna. It starts at $230. US only.
  • Amazon Echo Auto: This device puts a small Alexa device in your car. It costs $50, but the early invite price is just $25. Also US only.

Amazon Echo event: Pictures from Seattle

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  • Whisper mode: Alexa will talk quietly, for example if your child is asleep. 
  • Routines: Routines come to the Echo Dot Kids Edition.
  • API SDK: Brings multiroom audio to third-party speakers. Amazon's own speakers already offer this feature.
  • Alexa Hunches: Amazon's new machine learning software is supposed to make suggestions about your smart home. Are you going to sleep? Hunches might ask if you want to lock your front door. 
  • Stereo pairing: Connect two Alexa smart speakers to create a stereo pair. 
  • Alexa Connect Kit: This developer toolkit is designed to integrate into large appliances and other smart devices to sync with Amazon's cloud service.  
  • Amazon Wi-Fi Simple Setup: Let Alexa share your Wi-Fi details with smart home devices. 
  • Alexa Guard: With Alexa Guard, you should be able to use your existing Amazon smart speakers to "arm" your home's security. At launch, Amazon is partnering with ADT and Ring, which Amazon purchased earlier in 2018. 
  • Alexa doorbell API: If someone rings your Ring smart doorbell, it should show up on your Echo Show.
  • Smart Screen SDK: Give "anything with a display" Echo Show capabilities with the software developer kit. 
  • Location-based routines: Turn on your lights when you're close to home. 
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Originally published Sept. 8.
Update, Sept. 20: Updated multiple times throughout the day as the event unfolded.