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Brinks Array smart deadbolt thumps into place at CES 2018

The smart lock includes Wi-Fi connectivity, 100 user codes and it works with Amazon Alexa.

The new Array Smart Deadbolt from Brinks includes Wi-Fi connectivity, Amazon Alexa compatibility and 100 e-Codes for guests. 
Chris Monroe/CNET

Home security company Brinks is jumping into the smart lock arena with the new Array Smart Deadbolt, on display at CES 2018. The Array is a cloud-connected, Wi-Fi enabled smart lock that replaces your existing deadbolt.

The lock is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and has a backup solar panel that can capture the full spectrum of light to charge the lock. Unlocking the Array can be done through traditional keys, a backlit keypad or the Array app, available for iOS and Android devices, including the Apple Watch

With the Array app, you can lock and unlock the deadbolt remotely, activate geofencing, check the lock's status and schedule access with user codes. Notifications for lock activity keep lock owners in the know.

The Array includes up to 100 e-Codes for temporary guest access. Those codes are stored in the device's memory as well as the cloud. Codes can be set for one-time use or scheduled for a specific window of time. The lock also includes e-Keys, similar in functionality, but intended for additional members of the household or regular visitors who would like to use their phone as a digital key.


The Brinks Chek lock can tell the status of both your door and deadbolt. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

The company also displayed the Array Chek Lock, meant to serve as a companion lock to the Array Smart Deadbolt. With the Array app, the Chek lock can determine if a door is closed and locked. You can use the Array app on your mobile device to check lock status and door status. The Chek lock is scheduled to be available later this year. 

Currently, the Array is only compatible with Amazon Alexa for locking and lock status checking, but Brinks says Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit compatibility is in the works. The lock comes in two styles, called Cooper and Barrington. Both make use of a sliding cover design for the Array's backlit keypad. Metal finishes include satin nickel, tuscan bronze and polished chrome.

The Array Smart Deadbolt is priced at $249, which converts to about £185 or AU$315. You can preorder the lock on Brinks' Array website.

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