Bosch shoulders into the smart home with three new products and IFTTT

At the IFA trade show here in Berlin, Bosch showed off its plan for making your whole home smart -- and safe.

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Back in 2014, Bosch introduced the Home Connect app with the intention of making it an all encompassing solution. At this year's IFA trade show in Berlin, the German company is bringing that dream closer to fruition.

Bosch showed off three new products and announced integration with online rules platform IFTTT at this morning's press conference. It shows the company's intention to make a concerted push into the smart home with its own products, while allowing the system to remain open to wider integration.

Gadgets galore from Bosch at IFA 2016

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IFTTT integration will allow you to connect your various Bosch appliances and smart home gear to a variety of other devices. Create a custom recipe and turn on your dishwasher with a command to Amazon's Alexa, or have the lamp plugged into your Belkin WeMo switch flash when your laundry is done.

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Bosch recently announced direct integration with Philips lighting and the Drop smart food scale as well. The Home Connect app was meant to work with multiple companies, and now Bosch is taking active steps to bring other companies under its smart home umbrella.

Again, it's expanding its lineup of first party products as well. Bosch announced three new products at today's press conference:

  • The Bosch 360 Indoor Camera senses motion and turns in any direction to keep you informed about what's happening in your home. Its camera ducks into its cylindrical base if you need privacy.
  • The Bosch Twinguard senses smoke and monitors air quality as well, to help reduce false alarms.
  • The Bosch Eyes keeps watch over your door. Replace your porch light with it, and it'll illuminate your door and send you alerts when someone's knocking.

All three products will launch in Europe starting at the end of this year. A Bosch representative promised they'll each make their way to the US, but didn't offer specifics as to when. Expect a firmer announcement on US availability at CES 2017.