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Best Buy bundle: Get a free Smart LED kit with Arlo Pro 2 security camera

Save on smart home security.

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Best Buy has a home security bundle that will pique the interest of homeowners who want to sleep better at night -- or while they're away on vacation. Best Buy currently has the four-camera Arlo Pro 2 security system discounted, but that's not the news here. 

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What makes this deal worth noting is the addition of the Sengled Smart LED kit that Best Buy throws in for free when you purchase the Arlo Pro 2.  With the smart LED kit, not only can you do fun things like change the color of lights, but you can also set a schedule for them to turn on and off while you're away so it appears as if you are home. 

Let's take a look at each component of this home-security discount bundle.

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The Arlo Pro 2 offers 1080p live streaming and seven days of free, event-based cloud storage. CNET Reviews' biggest complaint was the price, which Best Buy's discount bundle helps to mitigate. (Also, Alexa and Google Assistant voice integration didn't work well in testing.) You can get a varying number of cameras with the Arlo Pro 2, but only the four-camera system includes the free Sengled Smart LED kit, a $70 value.

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The Sengled Smart LED kit includes two dimmable A19 bulbs and a wireless hub that lets you control the lights from your phone, or with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The bulbs have adjustable white-light settings and a range of 16 million colors for different moods. And you can put the lights on a schedule so they turn on and off while you're at work or on vacation. Sold separately, the kit costs $70.

You can also get the Arlo Pro 2 four-camera system from Amazon for $600 but you miss out on the Sengled Smart LED kit.

If you don't need four cameras, the two-camera Arlo Pro 2 camera is currently available at a discount (but without the Sengled Smart LED kit). You can get the two-camera kit for $330 at Best Buy or Amazon.