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7 all-in-one home security systems to watch your place 24/7

Want an easy home security solution? Try one of these all-in-one systems.

Unlike home security systems with multiple accessories, all-in-one devices require minimal installation. Complete with high-definition live streaming cameras, motion sensors, arming and disarming functionality and integrated sirens, each of these devices functions as a self-contained home security system.

These systems work particularly well for watching small rental properties, since they cover a single room/entry point and you can install (and uninstall) them in minutes.

Read on to see your options.

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Abode Iota

The Iota is Abode's latest home security device. While it's a self-contained product, complete with a camera and siren, it's also scalable. Specifically, it comes with a door/window sensor and a key fob. The door/window sensor chirps whenever someone opens the door and sends an alert to your phone (if you want to receive alerts). The key fob goes on your keychain and makes it simpler to quickly arm or disarm your system without having to use your phone. 

Price: $249

Works withAmazon AlexaGoogle Assistant

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Canary All-in-One

Startup Canary launched its Canary All-in-One on Indiegogo back in 2013, raising nearly $2 million with an original funding goal of $100,000. The all-in-one Canary device has 1080p HD live streaming video, motion detection and temperature, humidity and air quality sensors. It also has an integrated 90-decibel siren and arm/disarm capabilities, making it a self-contained home security system (as much as a standalone security camera).

Price: $169 

Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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Canary View

Canary's View camera ($157 at Walmart) was inspired by its All-in-One Smart Home Security system, but is available at a more affordable price. While it retains many of the same specs as the original -- 1080p HD live streaming, motion alerts, night vision -- the View has fewer advanced features. That means it doesn't have a siren, temperature and humidity sensors or an Ethernet port. Still, you can arm and disarm your View camera and use voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, or the Canary app, to check in on your camera 24-7.

Price: $99 

Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Read more about the Canary View.

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Guardzilla 360

The Guardzilla 360 is a quirky all-in-one home security system. It comes with a 100-decibel siren, remote arming and disarming and motion detection. Its standout feature, though, is its 360-degree 1712p HD live video feed. That means you can see everything happening in a room at the same time in high definition. 

Price: $200

Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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LG Smart Security 

LG's Smart Security device features 1080p live streaming, Alexa voice integration, a built-in Z-Wave hub and optional professional monitoring from security firm ADT. The LG Smart Security is a decent choice for all-in-one home security, but it doesn't offer the free cloud storage that you'll find with Guardzilla and other standalone systems. 

Price: $200 

Works with: Amazon Alexa, built-in Z-Wave hub

Read more about the LG Smart Security.



The Sens8 is another all-in-one home security system. With a vague hourglass shape and HD resolution, night vision and a built-in siren, this model shares a lot of similarities with its competitors. It also has environment sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and light, as well as a two-hour battery backup and free video storage via Dropbox. So what's the main downside? Sens8 doesn't currently work with any smart home brands.

Price: $200

Works with: N/A

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Somfy One

Smart window shade maker Somfy acquired home security startup Myfox in 2016. The Myfox range of home security accessories are now offered under the Somfy brand. Somfy also introduced the new Somfy One, an all-in-one security system with an integrated 90-decibel siren, motion sensor and an HD live streaming camera. The Somfy One is currently not sold in the United States, but you can find it in the UK

Price: £229 (roughly $300 converted) 

Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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