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Amazon's Echo Studio Debuts New Color and Audio Upgrades

The premium smart speaker now comes with spatial audio a sleek glacier white hue.

An Echo Studio device in Glacier White

Amazon revealed today at its hardware and services event that the Echo Studio, Amazon's premium, $200 smart speaker, will get some significant software upgrades along with a new color option.

Software updates in line for the Echo Studio include new spatial audio processing technology and frequency range extension. Nedim Fresko, Amazon VP of Alexa Devices and Developer Technologies, told CNET the audio improvements will make for, "an immersive audio experience for customers like what you would get in a professional studio, all from a single device."

Price: $200
Release date: October

In addition to a new glacier white option, all Echo Studios will get a software upgrade with spatial audio and a better optimized frequency range.

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Fresko added that the new audio technology is included on all new Studio devices. And if you already own an Echo Studio, a simple software update will bring your device up to speed with the latest Studio capabilities by the end of this year.

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Along with the tech upgrades, the Echo Studio is sporting a new look, glacier white, in addition to the original charcoal color. Preorders for the new, lighter-colored Amazon Echo Studio begin today. Retail price for the Amazon Echo Studio speaker is $200 for both the white and charcoal models, though that price may drop at the next, and upcoming, Amazon Prime Day.

Stay tuned to CNET for more on the latest from Amazon's product event.