6 ways to use Alexa during Super Bowl 2019

No matter who you're rooting for, Alexa can make the big game even better.

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NFL: JAN 30 Super Bowl LIII - Mercedes Benz Stadium
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Super Bowl Sunday is Feb. 3. It's time to break out the snacks and plan the seating arrangements around the big screen. While you're planning, don't forget to add Alexa to the festivities. 

Here are some fun ways to use your Alexa device during the big game.

Make the best game food

Don't serve the same old stuff. Up your snack game by asking Alexa for some fresh recipes. Say, "Alexa, find me a recipe for my football party."

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Learn some pregame trivia

While you're waiting for the games to start, find out some interesting facts about your team. Say, "Alexa, give me some facts about the New England Patriots," or, "Alexa, give me some facts about the Los Angeles Rams." 

Saying, "Alexa, open Super Bowl Trivia," and, "Alexa, open NFL Stats," will give you more in-depth facts on the teams.

Get hyped

Rev up the crowd with a Super Bowl jingle. Say, "Alexa, sing a football song," and she'll bust out her rendition of the The Football Song. It's surprisingly good.

You can also get her to chant the Patriots' fight song by saying, "Alexa, sing the Patriots' fight song." Unfortunately, she doesn't know the Ram's fight song.

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Ask Alexa the score

If you walk to the kitchen to get more snacks and drinks, make sure you're on top of who's in the lead. Ask, "Alexa, what's the Super Bowl score?"

Serve the burns

What's the big game without some trash talk? Alexa's got the roasts that you need. Just say, "Alexa, give me a Patriots burn," or, "Alexa, give me a Rams burn."

Get a prediction

Does Alexa have a guess about who will win the Super Bowl? You bet she does. Ask, "Alexa, who will win the Super Bowl," for her answer.

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