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5 ways Alexa can help new parents stay sane

Alexa makes a new parent's job a little easier with these tips.

Alina Bradford
Alina Bradford CNET Contributor
Alina Bradford has been writing how-tos, tech articles and more for almost two decades. She currently writes for CNET's Smart Home Section, MTVNews' tech section and for Live Science's reference section. Follow her on Twitter.
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The first few months with a new baby can challenge even the most doting parents. To make things a little easier, put Alexa to work. No, she can't babysit, but she can keep you on top of feedings, help sooth an upset infant, keep you stocked up on diapers and order dinner.


Alexa can juggle multiple named timers for you.


1. Make a feeding timer

After reading every baby book you could get your hands on, you probably know that you should feed your baby every few hours. With all the sleep deprivation, you may be terrified that you'll miss a feeding. 

To make sure Junior is getting all the nutrition he should, use Alexa to set up reminders for your next feeding time. This is also helpful if you need reminders to pump breast milk throughout the day, even when the baby isn't around.

To set up a reminder say something like, "Alexa, remind me to pump at 6 a.m." You can also set up recurring reminders with these steps.

2. Get a supply restock

Alexa Voice Shopping may just be a lifesaver for parents that can't even find time to shower, let alone go shopping. When you feel like diapers, wipes and other essentials are getting low, just tell Alexa to order more. 

All you have to do is set up your shopping account and then say things like, "Alexa, order diapers," or, "Alexa, order Butt Paste."

When you need to pinch a few pennies, ask, "Alexa, what are your deals?" Alexa will then list the latest sales so you don't miss out.

You can also use Amazon's Dash Wand to make shopping quick and easy through Alexa.

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3. Play a lullaby playlist

When your throat gets hoarse from singing lullaby after lullaby, ask Alexa to take over. Say, "Alexa, play playlist" -- "playlist" being the name of the mood or song type you choose. For example, if your idea of great lullabies are smooth jazz say, "Alexa, play playlist Smooth Jazz."

You can also use the app. First, open the Alexa app and tap the menu button. Then, select Music . Choose Amazon Music Unlimited and tap the Playlist tab. From there, choose the mood or song type from the playlist list. The music of this genre will start playing through your Alexa.

4. Or choose ambient sounds

If lullabies just aren't your jam, you can use Alexa to play soothing ambient sounds to drown out the sounds of traffic or your neighbors while your newborn falls asleep. 

Here are a few you can enable:

After an ambient sound is enabled, all you have to say is, "Alexa, play Storm ambient" -- or whatever you like.

5. Order pizza when you're just too tired to cook

You can place an order with Pizza Hut or Domino's using Alexa. While jiggling your tot to sleep say, "Alexa, open Domino's and place my Easy Order," or "Alexa, tell Pizza Hut to place an order."

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