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Lost phone? Check out these 4 ways Alexa can find it for you

Instead of flipping over every couch cushion and frantically throwing around bedsheets, use Amazon Echo to find your lost phone.

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Yes, your Amazon Echo can find your phone.

Chris Monroe/CNET

I often misplace my phone in the house. It either slides down between the couch cushions or I forget which room I've left it in or it's tucked somewhere in the mess of blankets on my bed. Fortunately, I've found several easy ways to find it. All I had to do was set up these four features on my Amazon Echo

You can start by adding an Alexa skill that helps you find your phone by calling it or by using your IFTTT account to call your phone from your Echo device. Note that if your iPhone is on vibrate, you'll need to listen for the vibrations. If you use an Android, you'll have another option. 

If you think you lost your phone outside your home, here's how to find your lost Android phone or your lost iPhone. But if you're prone to leaving it inside, here's how to help your future self.

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Enable the Find My Phone Alexa skill

There's an Alexa skill called Find My Phone that helps you find your lost phone -- you can even add more than one phone number.

1. In the Alexa app menu, go to Skills & Games.

2. Search for Find My Phone.

3. Tap Enable to use.

4. Link your Amazon account and tap Allow to give the skill access to your account.

5. Say, "Alexa, find my phone." The first time you use the skill, Alexa will ask for your phone number.

6. You'll be sent a four-digit SMS code, which you'll need to read out: "Alexa, [four digit code]." Then your phone will start ringing.

7. You can add another number by saying, "Alexa, ask Find My Phone to add another number."


Your phone could get lost in the couch cushions.

Angela Lang/CNET

Enable the Cell Phone Finder skill

The Cell Phone Finder skill is similar to the Find My Phone skill. Here's how to set it up.

1. Say "Alexa, enable Cell Phone Finder."

2. Alexa will instruct you to call 415-212-4525. While you're on the phone with the voice bot, it'll tell you to ask Alexa what your PIN is. Enter the PIN on the phone that Alexa gives you.

3. Now you can say "Alexa, tell Cell Phone Finder to call me." Note that if your ringer isn't on, your phone will vibrate.

Have Alexa find, call and play music on your phone

In order to have Alexa do this, you'll need an IFTTT account. Here's how to set it up.

1. Log in or sign up, then click on the search bar at the top and type "Alexa."

2. There's a list of Alexa choices, and you'll want to click on all that apply. Some examples are Tell Alexa to find your phone, Hey Alexa, call my device and Alexa, play music on my phone.

3. For each one you select, click Connect.

4. Next, you'll be prompted to log in to your Amazon Alexa account and enter your phone number to have a PIN sent to you. Enter the code and tap Connect

5. Now when your phone gets lost in the house, say, "Alexa, trigger find phone." (If your phone is on vibrate, you'll have to listen closely for the vibrations.)


If you have an Android phone, you can create an IFTTT to turn the volume up.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Play a song on your Android phone

Alexa can play a song on your Android phone, but you'll need to make sure your volume is turned up. To do so, use IFTTT to turn up the volume on your Android phone when you send it a text. 

Search for "turn on phone" and scroll through the applets until you find the option Text your lost Android phone to turn the ringer volume up 100%. Click Connect and then click Save. Now you can say "Alexa, text Katie lost phone" and your volume will be turned up.

Unfortunately, if your phone is connected to any Bluetooth speakers or headphones, it will play audio through those instead of its own speakers.

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