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Amazon is bringing Custom Sound detection to Echo devices

You'll be able to train Alexa to hear sounds specific to your home on Echo and Echo Show in 2022.

Amazon Custom Sounds
Amazon/Screenshot by Sean Keane/CNET

Amazon on Tuesday announced that it's adding a new Custom Sounds feature to Echo and Echo Show devices next year. That word came as the company revealed its wall-mountable Echo Show 15 smart display during its Echo event.

Alexa can learn the sound of your washing machine's alert tone or the beeping sound your fridge makes if it's left open, and send a notification so your laundry doesn't sit for hours or food doesn't go bad, for example.

The feature could also train Alexa to assist someone with a hearing impairment by recognizing the sound of a doorbell chime and alert them with a visual notification like flashing smart bulb or a message on their phone.

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It's an extension of Alexa's ability to understand sounds like glass breaking, a dog barking, a baby crying or a person snoring, Alexa and Echo vice president Miriam Daniel noted in her presentation.

"Every household is unique -- we shouldn't be the ones deciding which sounds matter to you," she said.

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