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Wyze adds two environmental sensors to its Home Monitoring kit

Check out the new Wyze Sense Climate Sensor and Wyze Sense Leak Sensor.

Wyze's new climate sensors come in a three-pack for $25 (preorder price).

Wyze on Tuesday added to its roster of home accessories with the new Wyze Sense Climate Sensor and Wyze Sense Leak Sensor. Available now for preorder, the Climate Sensor costs $25 for a pack of three; the Leak Sensor three-pack costs $30. Both devices require the Wyze Home Monitoring kit to work.

The Seattle-based startup sells a wide range of cheap home products. It makes everything from a video doorbell and a robot vacuum to a night light, a sprinkler controller and a thermostat. A number of its devices have earned CNET Editors' Choice Awards for their unique balance of impressive performance at good prices. 

In a May blog post, Wyze said it would be increasing the pricing of select products citing "world events" as the cause. Folks were not happy about the decision. But the price hikes have been minimal so far. The Wyze Cam v3 increased from $30 ($24 for the camera plus $6 shipping) to $33 for the camera (with free shipping). It's up to you to decide whether that's a good deal, but these prices are still low compared to similar brands. The Ring Indoor Cam -- Ring's cheapest security camera -- costs $60.

New Wyze sensors

If you have the Wyze Home Monitoring kit, you can now add Wyze Sense Climate Sensors and Wyze Sense Leak Sensors into the mix. My colleague David Priest reviewed the Wyze Home Monitoring kit and liked its low price, reliable performance and optional smart home integrations. 

Out of the box, the Home Monitoring kit comes with a hub, a keypad, door/window sensors and a motion detector. That's a decent lineup of basics, but introducing the climate and leak sensors gives customers more options to scale up the system as needed. The Wyze Sense Climate Sensor has temperature and humidity tracking capabilities and the Wyze Sense Leak Sensor is designed to alert you if a laundry, kitchen, bathroom or basement leak occurs. Both devices are battery-powered and have an expected battery life of up to 18 months. 

Again, these sensors won't work as standalone products and must connect to the Wyze Home Monitoring hub to work. Both are available for preorder now on

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