Wyze brings a smart sprinkler controller on board for $50

The new Wyze Sprinkler Controller is available for preorder now.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

The Sprinkler Controller is just the latest of Wyze's many product launches in 2020.


Prolific smart home startup Wyze on Tuesday announced yet another new product -- the Wyze Sprinkler Controller. Available for preorder starting today for $50, this latest device continues Wyze's trend of offering a variety of home products at affordable prices.

In the last six months, the company has introduced the third-gen Wyze Cam, the Wyze Cam Outdoor, the Wyze Thermostat, the Wyze Video Doorbell, Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones and the Wyze Robot Vacuum

The company's focus on affordable home products has helped contribute to a shifting trend from pricey DIY smart home products to sub-$100 devices as the new norm. But Wyze doesn't only offer affordable devices, many of them also deliver with solid performance and impressive features, adding even more value to their low prices. The Wyze Bulb, an $8 LED, and the $20 Wyze Cam (versions v2 and v3) stood out enough to win CNET Editors' Choice awards

The eight-zone Wyze Sprinkler Controller shares features with other smart sprinkler controllers, including app control, syncing with the local weather forecast and custom schedules. The scheduling and weather forecast features require a $10 per month subscription to Wyze's upcoming Sprinkler Plus service. One year of Sprinkler Plus is included for free with your purchase, Wyze said in its announcement.

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