Brinks brings security lights with built-in cameras to CES 2018

Brinks debuted two new security light fixtures both including built-in cameras.

Molly Price Former Editor

Hampton Products introduced the Brinks Home Security Array family of products at CES 2018. In addition to the Array Smart Deadbolt announced yesterday, Brinks is adding smart light fixtures with built-in security cameras.


Brinks is bringing a new coach light with built-in security cameras to the outdoor smart security market this year. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

The Array Smart Light fixtures, designed to replace a home's existing outdoor lighting will come in two styles. The coach-style LED light is intended for front porches. The dual-head security light is meant for yards as well as side areas, which both include a standard setting to illuminate the area and an ultra-bright setting for added visibility when the light's motion sensor is activated. The dual-head security light will also feature a siren.


Brinks has a new line of security-minded light fixtures called Brinks Home Security Array. They include a coach-style LED light is intended for front porches plus a dual-head security light is meant for yards and side areas.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Camera features on the Array line of lights include:

  • 1080p HD video
  • Night vision
  • Live streaming
  • 270-degree motion sensing
  • Person detection
  • Pan, track and zoom
  • Two-way speaker and microphone
  • Machine learning capability

The Array Smart Light coach-style fixture will be priced around $300. That converts to roughly £220 for the UK and AU$380 for Australia.

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