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Meet the smart lock a spy would love

Level Touch is a hidden smart deadbolt and an invisible touch sensor. Jealous yet, Mr. Bond?

The Level Touch looks like a standard lock on the outside.
Level Home, Inc.

Earlier this year, we tested the Level Lock, a hidden smart lock that works with HomeKit to keep your door connected and looking inconspicuous. The design of the smart deadbolt is innovative and the app is sensible and sleek. Today, Level Home adds to its lineup of discrete HomeKit-compatible smart locks with the Level Touch. 

The Level Touch takes the meat of the Level Lock and adds an exterior component. Level Lock replaces your lock's interior components, keeping your own exterior hardware unchanged. With Level Touch, you'll replace the entire lock.

It's no James Bond dagger shoe, but the idea of having a smart lock hiding inside normal-looking hardware could be appealing if you don't want to advertise your smart home tech to the outside world.

Touch-based unlocking with smart locks isn't new. We tested models like the Kwikset Kevo back in 2016, a Bluetooth lock that unlocked with a tap when your key fob was in range. Kwikset has since launched a new capacitive touch-based lock called the Halo Touch, and there are others from Lockly, Ultraloq and more.


Level Touch includes exterior hardware for the front and back of your door.

Level Home, Inc.

The Level Touch comes in four finishes: Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass and Matte Black, so you can choose a lock that matches the rest of your door's hardware.

Level Touch is Bluetooth-enabled, but connect it with your HomeKit hub (compatible with Apple TVs, iPads or HomePod), and you'll unlock features including remote access, Siri voice control and Home app automations. 

The lock will automatically unlock when you approach the door, thanks to that Bluetooth connectivity. To lock it, simply tap on the lock or enable the auto lock feature in the Level Home app. There are also NFC-enabled cards available to lock and unlock without a connected phone. 

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Like the Level Lock, the Level Touch uses the Level Home app, and you can add friends and family as users. You'll see notifications there each time someone uses the lock. The Level Home app is available for iOS or Android, despite the smart lock only being compatible with HomeKit when it comes to smart-home integration.

The Level Touch uses the same CR2 battery as the Level Lock, a battery that costs about $5. Level Home says the battery should last one year with average use.

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The Level Touch is available beginning today at Level.co for $329. That's a premium price, but not surprising given the design and construction of the Level Lock we tested this year. If your smart home is built exclusively with HomeKit, this lock could be worth considering. 

Correction, 10:45 a.m. ET: This article incorrectly described the technology used in the lock. It has been corrected to reflect that the lock uses capacitive touch technology.