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This fingerprint smart lock from Kwikset looks delightfully simple

There's not fancy keypad or Wi-Fi module to plug in. Kwikset's newest lock just needs your fingerprint.

James Martin/CNET

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Smart locks are tightening their grip on the lock hardware market, and Kwikset is right there, alongside newer names like August and Simplisafe. Kwikset recently released the Halo Smart Lock, the company's first Wi-Fi enabled lock that doesn't need a Wi-Fi module. Now, Kwikset is extending that Halo lineup with a fingerprint lock. 

Fingerprint locks are relatively new when it comes to smart locks, but consumers are already familiar with unlocking their personal data with their fingerprints on newer smartphones. 

The Halo Touch Smart Lock can store up to 100 fingerprints from 50 users. One touch locks or unlocks the door. Unlike the other Kwikset Halo models, this one doesn't have a keypad or physical buttons to enter a code. There's one simple fingerprint reader on the face of the lock and an LED indicator bar above it.

In the Kwikset app (available on the Google Play store or Apple App Store), you can see all the activity happening at your door remotely. You can also use the Kwikset app to lock or unlock the door, see the lock's status and history and set up notifications for any time someone locks or unlocks your door. 

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

So what happens when you enter your fingerprint into Kwikset's newest lock? That data is stored locally, not in the cloud. The lock hardware itself is enabled with Kwikset's SmartKey Security, so it can resist common break-in methods like lock picking. SmartKey Security also means you can re-key your lock in case you lose your current keys. 

The Halo Touch also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice commands, like "Hey Google, lock the front door." 

You'll be able to buy the Halo Touch Smart Lock in 2020 (Kwikset didn't have more details on the exact date just yet) for $249 from HomeDepot.com, Lowes.com, Amazon.com and Build.com.