The Philips Hue Go Portable Table Lamp Ventures Into the Great Outdoors

Signify introduces a host of new lighting products, including a rechargeable indoor/outdoor lamp.

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The $160 lamp will be available later this summer.


The Philips Hue brand from parent company Signify is back with five new lighting products: the Go portable table lamp, the Signe gradient floor lamp in an oak finish, the next-gen White and Color Ambiance downlight and White Ambiance downlight and the Tap dial switch.

Philips Hue is known for its lineup of smart lighting products, ranging from LED bulbs to floor lamps and light strips. Its products work with the Philips Hue app and offer a wide range of smart features, such as voice commands, scenes and scheduling (the specific options vary product to product). 

Of the new products announced in June, the Go portable table lamp stands out the most. Philips Hue already sells an indoor-only Go lamp, but the new version is designed to work outside too. This model also looks more like an actual table lamp than the existing Go. Plus, it's supposed to have as much as 48 hours of battery life with charging available via an included charging base. No, the new Go lamp doesn't sound like a camping light, but it could be nice for a meal on the back deck. The Go portable table lamp will be available at the "end of summer," according to Signify, and will cost $160. 

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Philips Hue offers Signe gradient lamps in black or white, but is introducing a new version in an oak color finish slated for release in mid-July at $350. Along with this release, the brand is rolling out an updated wake-up feature that's supposed to transition the color temperature to ease your waking. 

The brand is also introducing two next-gen dimmable Ambience can downlights, which are available for sale now. The $60 White and Color Ambiance downlight has 1,100 lumens and the $50 White Ambience downlight has 850 lumens (compared with the current models' max 650-lumen outputs). Both options come with either 4- or 5/6-inch cans for the same price regardless of the size you choose. You can also get these LEDs in packs of four. It's $220 for the White and Color Ambiance pack and $190 for the White Ambience pack. 

A living room with mood lighting from overhead lamps and a Tap dial switch in the foreground.

The Tap dial switch controls different Philips Hue lights in your home.


The Tap dial switch, available now for $50 in black or white, can be used to control various Philips Hue lighting products. Each switch has four buttons, a dimming function and customizable scenes. Still deciding if one of these new products is right for your home? In the meantime, check out some of our other lighting coverage below.

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