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New Wyze light strips bring 32 feet of color-changing fun to your home decor

You have two options: the Wyze Light Strip or the Wyze Light Strip Pro.

Smart home startup Wyze adds two lighting products to its lineup.

Wyze on Tuesday introduced two new lighting products: the Wyze Light Strip and the Wyze Light Strip Pro. Both the Light Strip and the Light Strip Pro come in either 16.4- or 32.8-foot strips, work via the Wyze app or with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands -- and claim an easy installation, as well as 16 million color options and white-light color temperatures. They're available for preorder now starting at $26 for the Light Strip and $31 for the Light Strip Pro

The Seattle startup is well-known in the smart home space for its affordable products. It started out with a limited range of products in 2017 and now offers over two dozen devices and accessories. Wyze introduced at least seven home products in 2020 alone, including a sprinkler system, a security camera, another security camera, a video doorbell, a thermostat, a robot vacuum and a professional monitoring service.

Despite its fast growth, the CNET Editors' Choice Award-winning Wyze Bulb was its only lighting product for a long time. More recently it added the Wyze Bulb Color, the Wyze Night Light, the Wyze Floor Lamp -- and now the Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro.


Preorder pricing for the Wyze Light Strip starts at $26.


The more basic Wyze Light Strip can only display one color at a time. The Light Strip Pro can display up to 16 colors simultaneously. Both products have peel-and-stick installations and can be trimmed to fit a specific room or area. The Light Strip and Light Strip Pro also offer features called Music Mode and Sun Match. Music Mode is supposed to sync your light strip to music, while Sun Match is supposed to auto-adjust the color temperature based on the time of day. They offer other customizations, too, such as Vacation Mode and Sleep Routines.

As well as displaying up to 16 colors in the same strip at once, the Light Strip Pro also comes with a coating Wyze says "protects the advanced components and provides a refined appearance." I plan to test these products side-by-side to see if the coating really adds value, but the ability to display multiple color segments at once is intriguing. 

The Light Strip costs $26 for the 16-foot version and $36 for the 32-foot version; the Light Strip Pro costs $31 for the 16-foot strip and $45 for the 32-foot strip. Preorders for the Wyze Light Strip ship in September; preorders for the Wyze Light Strip Pro ship in October. After the preorder period, the prices increase to $28 (16-foot) and $40 (32-foot) for the Wyze Light Strip and $34 (16-foot) and $50 (32-foot) for the Wyze Light Strip Pro. Get more information at Wyze's website here.

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