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Save Big on Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and Smart Scales

Keep track of your wellness goals with these smart device upgrades starting as low as $50.

Two Withings smart scales and a Withings blood pressure monitor are displayed against a blue background.

It's back-to-school season, and for many of us, a change in the weather comes with more time spent indoors and less time being active. If your health is a priority to you, you can use tools to track your weight, blood pressure and other metrics to get an overview of your overall wellness and see your progress over time. 

Withings has a number of devices that can help, and right now Amazon has marked down the company's Body and Body Plus smart scales and smart blood pressure monitor. 

If you need to keep track of your blood pressure, this FDA-cleared smart blood pressure monitor by Withings is a great option. It measures for both systolic and diastolic as well as heart rate readings, then delivers your results right on the monitor screen, and a color-coded indicator light gives immediate feedback on your numbers. 

The data also syncs automatically to the Health Mate app (and Apple Health, if you want). You can even email your reports from the app to your health care provider if you're using iOS. It also rolls up easily so that you can take it with you wherever you go, and the battery lasts up to six months on a single charge. It's 20% off right now, meaning you'll pay just $80 for a convenient monitor that can keep all your data stored in one place.

The advanced Body Plus smart scale by Withings lists for $100, but it's currently available for just $79. It monitors your weight, body fat and water percentage, muscles and bone mass and more to keep an accurate assessment of your progress. It supports up to eight users. Their data will appear automatically in the Health Mate app, and it can sync with more than 100 top health and fitness apps including Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit and MyFitnessPal. 

It also has various functions for all stages of life, including a pregnancy tracker and a baby mode to help you track the youngest members of the family as they grow. There are also features that allow you to set weight goals and manage your daily calorie budget. I finally snagged one of these scales for myself during Prime Day, and once it's paired with the app it's easy to use and keeps up with your data without any real effort. You can even put in manual data or make corrections. And it provides simple-to-read graphs on a timeline, too.  

But if that price is a little steep, consider the original Withings Body scale. It's marked down to $50 right now and comes with some of the same features, like syncing with other health apps and supporting up to eight users, but the measurements do not include a full body composition analysis, focusing on just weight and BMI. That's still a lot of data and may be all you need for your fitness journey.

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