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Early Black Friday Deals on GE Cync Smart Home Products

Find savings on smart thermostats, plugs, lights, cameras and more.

GE Lighting's Cync smart thermostat.
GE Cync Thermostat
James Martin/CNET

Black Friday is the perfect time to add some smarts to your home with tons of limited-time sales on smart home products. Whatever you're looking for this holiday shopping season, GE potentially has something for you with deals on a variety of Cync smart home products, from smart thermostats to security cameras and dimmer switches.

The best deal is arguably on the GE Cync Smart Thermostat, which is currently available for $62 on Amazon, 48% off the regular retail price of $120. Other deals worth checking out include 58% off the 80-inch Smart LED Light Strip (now on sale for $25) and 27% off an outdoor smart plug, for a savings of $8.

Cync indoor and outdoor cameras are also on sale at up to 25% off, but the bulk of the Black Friday deals are in lighting. Smart bulbs, wafer downlights, and LED light strips (in addition to the one mentioned above) are also on sale for 10% to 30% or more off the regular price. 

Smart switches and dimmers are also on sale, with 60% off the Cync Smart Switch ($27 in savings), 54% off the Cync Smart Dimmer Switch (now on sale for $15) and 39% off the Smart Dimmer with Motion Sensor (currently available for $39). 

All GE Cync products work together seamlessly with the user-friendly Cync app and are compatible with Google and Alexa smart home hubs. If you're looking for a variety of smart home devices this holiday shopping season and prefer them to unite under one app or hub for a whole-home automation solution, GE and its line of Cync smart home products could be your one-stop shop.