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CES 2022: GE Lighting's Cync Smart Thermostat doesn't need a C-wire

A remote temperature sensor accessory is sold separately.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
2 min read

Savant's GE Lighting brand adds a smart thermostat into the mix.

GE Lighting

GE Lighting announced a smart thermostat and 11 lighting products at CES 2022 on Tuesday. The thermostat, dubbed the Cync Smart Thermostat, joins the brand's Cync line of smart home products. It's designed to work with the Cync app so you can adjust the temperature anywhere your phone has a reliable connection. GE Lighting, which is part of Savant, says this product doesn't require a C-wire, used in many homes to control HVAC systems, to operate. 

The Cync Smart Thermostat costs $120 and will be available this month at Amazon, Best Buy and Lowe's. The Cync Temperature Sensor, which tracks the ambient temperature of other parts of the house, is sold separately for $30.

When it comes to smart thermostats, some models, like the Amazon Smart Thermostat, require a C-wire to power the unit. Others, like the Nest Thermostat, don't. If you don't have a C-wire already installed as part of your thermostat wiring, a model that doesn't require one could save you time on the installation. But it's always a good idea to check with an HVAC professional to determine if this sort of product will work in your home. The Cync Smart Thermostat is also double the price of the CNET Editors' Choice award-winning Amazon Smart Thermostat, so it will need to be pretty impressive to compete with our current favorite.

In addition to the new thermostat, GE Lighting is also introducing nearly a dozen lighting products due out this March at Amazon, Best Buy, Lowe's and Target. The products range from standard size bulbs to candelabra and globe lights in white and color-changing options. All of them are designed to work with the Cync app and via voice commands. Prices start at $12. 

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