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I'm Pretty Excited About These 3 Prime Day Deals, and You Should Be Too

We don't know all of the Prime Day deals that we will see this year, but there are a few that already have me ready to buy.

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET's guide to everything you need to know and how to find the best deals.

Amazon Prime Day has been happening once a year for eight years now, and a lot has changed about it during that time. It started out as a one-day event that has continued to grow and is now a full 48 hours of deals (with some that start weeks before), and while the deals overall may not be as tempting anymore that doesn't mean there's nothing worth looking at. 

The official sales kick off on July 12, but we've been seeing Amazon tease deals for weeks at this point. There's going to be thousands upon thousands of deals available at discounted prices, and while not every deal will be worth looking at, here are three that will have me opening up my wallet.

Echo Dot 4th gen: $20

Normally, during Prime Day and Black Friday Amazon offers the biggest discount on the third-gen Echo Dot hardware, but finally this year we are seeing the fourth gen hit a new all-time low. You don't even have to wait until Prime Day to take advantage of these offers, as they're on sale right now. To sweeten the deal even further, Amazon is offering a free smart bulb with the newest Echo Dot, all for just $20. 

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As a comparison, during Black Friday we saw the previous-gen hardware on sale for $18, just two dollars cheaper than this deal for the vastly improved newer hardware. Right now, Amazon has the 2018 Echo Dot on sale for $30, making it $10 more expensive than the newer model. Odds are that this will go on backorder during Prime Day, so if you want one with fast shipping, now is the time to get your order in.

I have a few second-gen Echo Dots at my house that I'm still using, but with this discount I will be replacing those and adding an extra one in my office. I love having the Echo Dots around to control my smart home gear, set timers, answer basic conversion questions and much more. I'm not alone in thinking that every room of your home should have an Echo in it, and this deal makes it far more affordable to do that with the latest hardware.


You have your choice between three different color Echo Dot models right now, all of which are still in stock and shipping quickly. You can get just the Echo Dot for $20, or add a free smart bulb (which of course you should do). There's also an option to add Amazon's Smart Plug for an extra $5, making the bundle $25.

50-inch Amazon Fire TV 4 Series: $100

Big TVs with cheap price tags were a staple of Prime Day and Black Friday, until last year. With inventory shortages and manufacturing woes, we didn't see a lot of great deals for cheap TVs like we had previously. Amazon is looking to change that this Prime Day by offering up its 50-inch 4 Series Fire TV for just $100 -- a huge discount. Normally, the TV sells for $470 and right now during Amazon's early Prime Day deals it's on sale for $260. Amazon has teased that this will drop to $100 during Prime Day, but it's unclear when the sale will start or how much inventory there will be available.

It may not be the best TV out there, but at $100 I'm willing to bet you won't find a better 50-inch TV to spend your money on. It has all the standard features and runs Amazon's Fire TV OS, which gives you quick access to all your favorite streaming channels. 

Personally, I need to replace an aging 40-inch Roku TV in my loft, and this is the perfect upgrade for my space. I'll be refreshing the listing as much as I can, and would suggest you do the same starting on July 12. 


This deal is not live yet, but one of the best Prime Day deals will easily be this 50-inch Fire TV for $100. It's been a long time since we've seen a deal like this, so you're going to want to be prepared for when the price drops so you don't miss out.

SodaStream soda makers: Up to 40% off

I've been trying to drink more water lately but sometimes I get bored of regular water. I've been mixing things up and drinking seltzers but sometimes it feels wasteful to go out and buy it in bottles and cans when I can just make it at home. I had an old SodaStream that broke before I moved, and I never got around to getting another one. Amazon's been teasing some early deals, and one of the upcoming deals that caught my attention was that SodaStream soda makers will be discounted by up to 40%, making them far more affordable.

Personally, I don't always use the syrup when I make the drinks, but over the years the quality and assortment of the liquids have improved greatly. I'll definitely be using Prime Day to upgrade to a new machine and stock up on all the supplies I need to make my own seltzer at home with ease.


Using a SodaStream is one of the easiest ways to make a carbonated beverage at home, and I can't wait to have one again. From seltzers to sodas, it takes just seconds to make and these upcoming Prime Day deals will make it even more affordable than usual.

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