Which Stores Are Closed on Easter? Target, Costco and More

Double check before planning any major Easter Sunday shopping this year.

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Your favorite big-box retail store might be closed this Easter. Here's what to know

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Easter Sunday isn't considered a major retail holiday like Black Friday and Presidents Day are, but that doesn't mean you won't be itching to hit your favorite retailer today. 

Regardless of whether you want to snag a new outfit, last-minute additions to your Easter dinner or some candy and goodies for egg hunts -- it's possible that you'll need to make some 11th-hour shopping trips. 

Read on to find out which big box retailers will and won't be open this holiday weekend. For more, here's our picks for the best meal kit delivery service and the best mattress deals

Stores that are closed on Easter Sunday

It's not always the case that stores will be closed on Easter Sunday, and this year, it seems like there are more retailers remaining open than not. Here are the important closures you'll want to remember this Easter: 

  • Aldi
  • Publix
  • Costco
  • H-E-B
  • Sam's Club
  • Target

Stores that are open on Easter Sunday

While these stores are still open on Easter Sunday, there's a good chance they might be operating with reduced hours. We've tried to cover any alternative opening and closing times here, but think about calling ahead to your local retailers to find out their store's specific holiday hours. Here's what will be open this Easter: 

  • CVS
  • Dollar General
  • Home Depot (check individual locations for hours)
  • Kroger (check individual locations for hours)
  • Trader Joe's
  • Walgreens (check individual locations for hours)
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods (check individual locations for hours)

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