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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Rolls Out New Pokemon, Fidough

A "delightfully squishy" dog Pokemon is uniting fans everywhere in admiration.

Like Fidough? You have great taste.
The Pokemon Company

A new puppy Pokemon named Fidough may be the ingredient your Scarlet and Violet party needs.

The 1-foot-tall Fairy-type Pokemon, unveiled in a Pokemon video presentation on Wednesday, has already snoozed and pitter-patter-walked its way into the internet's heart. 

"The Pokemon people made a bread dog and named it Fidough, I mean come on now," wrote one Twitter user. "IDC WHAT YALL SAY I AM GETTING A FIDOUGH," wrote another.

There are plenty of doglike Pokemon out there, from Houndour to Snubbull. But none of them has ever been quite this doughy. In the presentation, it's referred to as a "delightfully squishy" Pokemon that's smooth when touched. A canine croissant, a pastry puppy. You just have to love him.

Fans also rallied around an adorable hog Pokemon called Lechonk when a trailer for the new duo of Pokemon games dropped in June. Here's every new Pokemon we know of so far, including our new food-themed friend, Fidough. And here's what else we learned about the new games on Wednesday. The open-world role-playing games Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are due out Nov. 18.