Proof some people like iPhones more than porn

OK, proof might be a strong word, but people definitely cared more about Apple than Riley Reid for a couple of hours on Wednesday.

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News of new iPhones with funny names proved enticing enough to pry a whole host of people away from their porn for a couple of hours during Apple's product announcement Wednesday.  

While there's no need to worry technology is going to hamper our sex drives (much of it is trying to do just the opposite), many people were willing to look away from Pornhub (SFW link, unless your work blocks it I guess) for a couple of hours to take in those new iPhones and a new Apple Watch.

The porn aggregator, which averages 90 million users per day, released site search statistics for user behavior during the iPhone XS announcement, giving a look at just how much people cared about Apple before, during and after the event. 

Spoiler alert: They cared kind of a lot.


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Site traffic from iOS devices dropped nearly 12 percent at one point during the two-hour keynote speech. In a hilarious first for Pornhub data on viewer behavior, the site tracked the minute-by-minute fluctuations (above) in users' habits during the event, giving a look at exactly which announcements captured viewers in body as well as mind. 


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Overall, Pornhub says traffic from "iOS devices dropped an average of 7 percent."

Viewers on iOS devices left Pornhub almost immediately when the Apple event began, but when the first product announced was a new Apple Watch, nearly half of them came back to the porn. When the XS Max and new iPhone XR were unveiled, both iOS and Android viewers looked away from their risque videos -- until prices were announced. Then almost everyone went right back to Pornhub.

This isn't the first time Pornhub has tracked users' habits during big events. It also released stats on big-game event trends and Olympics behavior, because apparently the only thing the site enjoys sharing more than porn is data. 

For Avengers: Infinity War, Pornhub shared data on the character popularity of the Avengers and found that Black Widow was the most requested on its site. The site has also tracked the spread of Fortnite in its search, essentially giving a timeline of the popular mobile game's rise to acclaim.

Obviously though, all of those happenings pale in comparison to the release of new iPhones.

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