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iPhone XS Max name skewered by unimpressed Apple fans

Wait, is Apple's new phone extra big or extra small?

Apple iPhone XS Max and XS.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Apple unveiled its new flagship smartphone on Wednesday, the iPhone XS Max, but not everybody loves the name, with online critics calling it lazy, uninspired and stupid.

On one hand, you can understand why Apple went this way. It's added an "S" to iPhones before and this new phone is the bigger-screened sequel to the super fancy iPhone X. It's really not too bad as long as your brain interprets it as "10S." But some people can't stop from reading it as "extra small."  

So say hello to the contradictory iPhone Extra-Small Max, the latest target of humorous Twitter ire. 

Twitter user Ben Gilbert isn't pulling punches, saying "These phones look really wonderful, but 'iPhone XS Max' is the worst product name Apple has come up with in this century."

Apple CEO Tim Cook may insist the name is pronounced "10S," and while a lot of people read it as "XS," a third option is "excess." "Very excited to hear everyone not in tech call it the iPhone Excess," writes Twitter user Aleen.

It will be interesting to see which pronunciation becomes the norm out in the real world. Some people are offering up the helpful reminder to call it the iPhone "tennis." 

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Apple seems to have missed the obvious name it could have given the jumbo-screen phone: iPhone XL. "Apple had the opportunity to call the new, larger iPhone X the iPhone XL and yet they just hadn't the balls to do it," one Twitter user complained.

While XS Max may not be the smoothest name ever, at least we're pretty certain Apple will have the wisdom not to extend that naming convention to the iPad line. Twitter might be dreaming of a "Max iPad," but don't hold your breath, people.

Despite the complaints, it doesn't seem like the name will deter Apple fans from snapping up the phone. "iPhone XS Max is just a godawful name for an iPhone. I mean, I'm buying one but it's a terrible name," is just one of many similar comments floating around online. 

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