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Fortnite season 5, week 10 challenges: How to level up quickly before season 6

Season 5 is coming to a close, but you can still grind out the last batch of challenges to maximize your loot.


It's hard to believe it's been 10 weeks since the rocket launch event started a series of changes to Fortnite: Battle Royale, adding giant new areas to the map, the game's first vehicles, rifts for fast travel and countless other tweaks. As the season progressed, along with tons of new content updates, we've also witnessed the emergence of the Fortnite Cube and its slow, meandering journey. We still don't know where it's going, but with only a week to go, we're close to finding out whether it will affect the end of season 5 and the beginning of season 6.

One thing about the future of Fortnite is certain though: If you don't earn experience to bash through the last tiers of your Battle Pass, you're going to lose out on all that sweet season 5 loot. Of course, if you haven't finished last week's challenges, you can find them here.

The challenges this week are a mixed bag with some we've seen before and others that will take some work to complete. Here's the official list

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

How to search for jigsaw puzzle pieces in basements

We haven't seen one of these challenges in a long while where you search for specific items. As far as we can tell, you can find a puzzle piece in nearly every basement on the map. I've created a map of all the basements here so you can plan your route once you drop from the Battle Bus:

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

How to consume apples or mushrooms

This is one of those challenges that you'll probably be able to do over the course of several games. There are more than enough areas where mushrooms or apples show up, such as Wailing Woods, south of Haunted Hills and really, several other locations. There's just no reason to rush this one when you can find them on your way to other places so it shouldn't take too many games to finish this challenge.

How to eliminate opponents

Here's another challenge you could choose to stretch out over the week, but if you want to rush through it, head to Tilted Towers where there's always a lot of action. Simply gear up and start shooting and it shouldn't take too long to get 10 kills.

How to search for chests in Salty Springs

When you decide to focus on this challenge, you'll obviously want to head to Salty Springs and hit all the common chest locations. Just be aware that if you go on the first day, there will probably be a lot of people trying to complete the same challenge and it could get messy. I suggest waiting two to three days, then start diving in. Hopefully, there will be less people, so you'll have the opportunity to grab the most chests per game on your way to seven chests. 

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How to deal damage to opponents

The Eliminate Opponents challenge above will definitely help with this challenge, but it's likely going to take quite a few more kills to complete the high 5,000 points of damage requirement. Hopefully eliminating opponents will give you a good base of damage points and you'll be able to complete the rest naturally over the course of the week. But as always, when in a pinch, head to Tilted Towers where you're guaranteed a lot of players and a lot of action.

How to search between a covered bridge, waterfall and the ninth green

That "ninth green" is the key to solving this puzzle because we know it includes a location at Lazy Links. It's not too hard to calculate where this week's Battle Star is from there, but to save you some time, I made a map:

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

How to do stage 1: Eliminate an opponent in Pleasant Park  

As always the staged quests are pretty self explanatory because you'll simply want to go to the first location then check your list to see which location is next. But it's important that you make this one a priority early in the week because the later you wait, the less chance you'll have of finding people in each location.

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