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Disney Drops 'Star Wars: Rogue Squadron' Space Adventure Movie

The film from Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was meant to be the next Star Wars picture, but it isn't happening anymore.

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Richard Trenholm
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Disney has ditched its space fighter movie.


Disney has ditched plans for Star Wars movie Rogue Squadron. The house of mouse removed the film from calendars while confirming release dates for the planned Lion King prequel, new Pixar films and the Snow White reboot.

The space-based fighter pilot adventure was being developed by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. Announced in 2020 and subsequently delayed, it was supposed to be released in December 2023.  

Disney confirmed release dates for a few other films: The Haunted Mansion moves to Aug. 11, 2023, replacing an untitled Disney live action movie which has also been dropped. Taika Waititi's sports comedy Next Goal Wins is out April 2023, while animated movie Wish will be released Nov. 22, 2023.

Pixar's Elio arrives March 1, 2024. The live action Snow White reboot follows quickly on March 22, 2024. Pixar's Inside Out 2 will be released June 14, 2024.

CG prequel Mufasa: The Lion King will be released July 5, 2024.

An untitled Marvel film has also been moved from Feb. 2024 to Sep. 6, 2024. But don't worry, there are plenty of other MCU Phase 5 movies on their way.

Disney has shifted direction when it comes to Star Wars, bringing new Star Wars stories to Disney Plus instead of theaters. The galaxy far, far away has been brought into our living rooms with streaming shows like The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett and Andor, which premieres (here's the full episode release schedule, starting Wednesday Sep. 21).  

Disney actually has Star Wars movies slated to be released in theaters Dec. 19, 2025 and Dec. 17, 2027 (alternating each holiday season with Avatar sequels). We don't much about them other than they're likely to be standalone stories rather than a long-running saga like the Skywalker trilogies.

Filmmakers reported to be developing Star Wars movies include Waititi, Rian Johnson and Marvel boss Kevin Feige. But for now, the big screen future for Star Wars remains unknown. 

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