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Kyocera DuraXV with Camera

Durable and water resistant, the Kyocera DuraXV is one of the most capable feature phones available.

ZTE Altair Aio Wireless

Consider Aio's ZTE Altair if you need an inexpensive QWERTY phone, but if you want a typical smartphone experience, shop around.

Huawei Pal MetroPCS

With its limited features and poor call quality, the Huawei Pal isn't worth your time, even as a basic phone.

Kyocera Kona

Though it's devoid of even midlevel features, the Kyocera Kona manages to be an excellent flip phone.

Samsung M400 Sprint

Free with a new contract, this flip phone from Samsung is only about making calls.

Sonim XP Strike Sprint

While the Sonim XP Strike is tough as nails, Sprint has other rugged devices that are better not only in performance, but in price too.

Huawei Verge MetroPCS

The Huawei Verge gets points for simplicity, but there are better basic phones in MetroPCS' stable.

Pantech Swift AT&T

The Pantech Swift is the most appealing Pantech handset on AT&T with a keyboard, but sufficient flaws keep us hesitant about recommending it widely.

Samsung SPH-M370 Sprint

The comfortable Samsung SPH-M370 is a basic flip phone that does what it says, unadorned and unembellished, and at the right price.

HTC Freestyle AT&T

For the right user, the HTC Freestyle offers a beginner smartphone experience without the high price.

Huawei M735 MetroPCS

If style is what you're after, the Huawei M735 could fit your aesthetic, but the throwback stylus and resistive touch screen aren't as user-friendly as a capacitive touch screen.

Samsung Gusto 3

  • Service Provider: not specified
  • Technology: CDMA2000 1X
  • Weight: 3.49 oz
  • Sensor Resolution: 1.3 pixels

Kyocera DuraXT

  • Service Provider: Sprint Nextel
  • Technology: CDMA2000 1X
  • Weight: 5.36 oz
  • Sensor Resolution: 3.2 pixels

Kyocera Coast Boost Mobile

  • Service Provider: Boost Mobile
  • Technology: CDMA2000 1X
  • Weight: 3.8 oz
  • Sensor Resolution: 2 pixels

Kyocera Kona

  • Service Provider: Virgin Mobile
  • Technology: CDMA2000 1X
  • Weight: 3.67 oz
  • Sensor Resolution: 2 pixels

LG Rumor Reflex S

  • Service Provider: Sprint Nextel
  • Technology: CDMA2000 1X
  • Weight: 4.69 oz
  • Sensor Resolution: 2 pixels

LG Beacon MN270 MetroPCS

  • Service Provider: MetroPCS
  • Technology: CDMA2000 1X
  • Combined with: With digital camera / digital player
  • Weight: 4.37 oz

Alcatel OneTouch Fling

  • Service Provider: Boost Mobile
  • Technology: CDMA2000 1X
  • Weight: 3.88 oz
  • Sensor Resolution: 2 pixels

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