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Netflix remains the top TV and movie streaming service, thanks to its ease of use, lack of commercials and original content.

Parallels Desktop 8

Any Mac user who needs to use Windows or Linux software or needs to test software in different environments will appreciate Parallel Desktop's seamless integration, with plenty of little features that make the switching experience as smooth as possible.

Editors' Choice
$31.95 MSRP

Norton GoBack 3.0

If you have Windows Me, skip this utility. Everyone else, keep handy GoBack around to restore system operation and prevent the needless headache of reinstalling Windows.

Editors' Choice
$599.99 MSRP

OmniPage Pro 12.0 Office

If you've outgrown the starter software that came with your scanner, OmniPage Pro 12.0 Office is your best next step.

Editors' Choice
$329.00 MSRP

CorelDraw 11.0

CorelDraw is the easiest illustration program to master, and it ships with a superior interface and feature set. This is the best choice for novice-, intermediate-, and pro-level artists who don't need speed.

Editors' Choice

Video Explosion Deluxe

Thanks to its pro-level tools and affordable price, Video Explosion Deluxe is perfect for any amateur PC moviemaker willing to brave the complicated interface.

Editors' Choice
$725.00 MSRP

AutoCAD LT 2002

AutoCAD LT is perfect for draftspeople, engineers, and technical illustrators who don't have to work in 3D. For 3D work, you'll need AutoCAD 2002.

Editors' Choice

RecordNow Max 4.0

Despite its weak online technical support, you should get RecordNow if you use a CD burner on a PC--it's that good.

Editors' Choice
$39.95 MSRP

Pocket Quicken 2.01

If you use desktop Quicken, this mobile companion is a must. Once you train yourself to use it regularly, Pocket Quicken will help you keep up-to-the-minute tabs on your finances.

Editors' Choice
$299.00 MSRP

Fireworks MX

Unless you're already tied to Adobe products, turn to Fireworks to create impressive static Web graphics.

Editors' Choice
$399.00 MSRP

LiveMotion 2.0

LiveMotion is easier to use than Flash and turns out Flash movies that are just as snazzy and interactive. It's our top choice for Web animation.

Editors' Choice
$399.00 MSRP

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX for Windows

Dreamweaver MX isn't for rank newbies or dedicated hobbyists. Consider it if you're a code-savvy developer looking to hook in your Web site to server-side databases. Adobe enthusiasts, go with GoLive.

Editors' Choice
$399.00 MSRP

Adobe GoLive 6.0

GoLive is our favorite professional-level HTML editor for anyone who's serious about designing and coding or managing a company Web site. However, the program can easily overwhelm hobbyists.

Editors' Choice
$279.95 MSRP

QuickBooks Pro 2002

We can't say enough about QuickBooks Pro 2002. This small-biz accounting program does it all, so get it stat for your small business.

Editors' Choice
$999.00 MSRP

Final Cut Pro 3.0

Final Cut Pro 3.0 is the best choice for Mac owners who edit video that ranges from short commercials to feature-length documentaries. However, its high price and steep learning curve make Final Cut too much for beginners to handle.

Editors' Choice
$6.71 at Amazon

Norton CleanSweep 2002

Norton CleanSweep 2002 is our top pick in the uninstaller category. Its powerful set of cleanup tools, simple interface, and quality support are the best around.

Editors' Choice
$699.00 MSRP

InDesign 2.0

Choose InDesign for the most sophisticated desktop publishing tasks. Sorry, Quark. InDesign is our new DTP of choice.

Editors' Choice
$65.00 at Amazon

Toast 5.0 Titanium

Toast 5.0 sets the standard for Mac CD and DVD recording. You can't afford not to try it.

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