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You should buy one of these $1 mini flashlights for everyone you know

Seriously, though. You should buy a few.


A flashlight is one of those things that you never think to buy until it's too late. You don't always need one, but when you do they're almost impossible to find. It's time to end that cycle. These mini flashlights are selling for just $1 at Walmart, which makes it affordable to stock up on these. They're perfect to stick in your junk drawer, hall closet, glove box, under the bathroom sink and so many other places.

These flashlights come in a variety of colors, but when you order online you won't be able to specify which color you're purchasing. To qualify for free shipping you'll need to buy 35 of them, or you can opt for free in-store pickup. If you're a Walmart Plus member you can have them delivered for free though, as that's one of the big benefits of the program. I've already bought a handful of these. I'll give some to my toddler and her friends to play with, others will go to family, others to friends and then a bunch will be stored around the house.

Each one operates on three AAA batteries, which is another great thing to always have around the house. This means no searching for random batteries should yours die when you need it most. Odds are you've spent $1 on much sillier stuff than this, so why not grab a few of these today? Your future self will thank you.

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