This Google Feature Will Make You Less Frustrated With Your Home and Nest Speakers

Use this simple tip to change how you interact with Google Assistant.

Nelson Aguilar
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Nelson Aguilar
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Orange Nest Mini lit up

Google Assistant is available on the Nest Mini.

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When you ask your Google smart speaker questions about the weather or give it a command to play music, it springs to life and doesn't stop talking. The rambling speaker keeps going on and on, and you eventually get frustrated. But there's a solution to that problem: If you have a Google Assistant-powered speaker, like the Google Home or Nest Mini, there's a quicker way to shut it up when you're done listening to it.

Thanks to an update earlier this year, you no longer have to use a two-part response to get Google Assistant to hush. You only have to say one word: "Stop."

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How to stop Google Assistant from rambling

If Google Assistant is talking to you, all you have to do is say "stop" and it will cease speaking. It's a useful feature to prevent Google Assistant from blabbing incredibly long directions to a destination, for example, or giving you a too-thorough weather forecast. It's similar to the feature that allows you to stop an alarm or timer by simply saying "stop," except now you can do it while Google Assistant is talking.

Lenovo smart clock placed on a table

If Google Assistant won't stop talking, just say "stop."

Unfortunately, the "stop" feature currently only works on smart displays like the Google Nest Hub or the Lenovo Smart Clock, as well as on smart speakers like the Google Home or the Sonos One. That means that the feature is currently unavailable on smartphones, watches and tablets that have Google Assistant, but that could eventually change.

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